Maleficent is the wicked dark fairy and main antagonist in Walt Disney's 1959 adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. She was animated by Marc Davis, and voiced by Eleanor Audley (who also voiced Lady Tremaine, the stepmother of Cinderella). She cursed the infant Aurora to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun set on her sixteenth birthday after not being invited to the baby's christening.

Maleficent is responsible for "all misfortune that befalls King Stefan's kingdom." (King Stefan is the father of Princess Aurora.) Maleficent also possesses a range of magical powers and artifacts, such as using the crystal ball on her staff to taunt Prince Philip with images of a bleak future. She also casts spells, such as inflicting Aurora with a curse of death (weakened to a curse of sleep by the good fairy Merryweather), creating thunderstorms, sending frosts, projecting lightning, teleporting, and changing shapes. Some of Maleficent's forms in the film were that of a spinning wheel, a Will o' the wisp, and a dragon.

Her pet raven (sometimes referenced in Disney sources as "Diablo"), and her goons, an army of inept goblin henchmen, carried out most of her orders for her. She was slain by the sword of Prince Philip, after one final enchantment from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather drove it directly into her heart. She fell to the ground. Nothing was left of her but her cloak with the sword still in it.
Maleficent, evil fairy

Other appearances
According to the book, Disney Villains: The Top Secret Files (although it is a tongue-in-cheek book not meant to be taken seriously) Maleficent's last name is Faery. It is also noted that she is extremely lonely and that she had very good grades in school.

Dragon MaleficentMaleficent is a recurring character on the TV series House of Mouse. She also appeared in the spin-off movie, Mickey's House of Villains where she was constantly shown, but delivered only a single song lyric, "Every evil queen gets due respect." In one scene from another episode, Maleficent sits across from Jafar in human form, and it was stated by Mickey that the two villains were on a date, after which Maleficent zapped Jafar.

Maleficent is also mentioned in the Nightwish song "FantasMic" from their 2000 album Wishmaster, in the lyrics Maleficent's fury / The spindle so luring.

Maleficent is also one of the villains in the novel, "The Kingdom Keepers" by Ridley Pearson. The novel is based primarily in The Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

Maleficent was also the final boss on the North American version of the video game Mickey Mousecapade created in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Maleficent's theme is heard during the intro of World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, since at the end of the intro, the main villain is shown.