Queen Narissa Villain of Enchanted

Susan Sarandon played Queen Narissa as the main villain of the film Enchanted. Sarandon was attracted to the project early in its development. Since Sarandon's on-screen time was relatively short, it took only two weeks to film her scenes. Narissa's mannerisms, characteristics, powers, and features are inspired by such classical Disney villainesses as The Evil Queen and Maleficent.
In the end of Enchanted, Queen Narissa transforms into a huge dragoness, in a manner very similar to Jafar's transformation at the end of Aladdin.
Enchanted was probably Disney's movie with the most references to other Disney movies as you can see in this discussion of the characters of Enchanted.
Narissa Villain of Enchanted
Narissa's old hag looks remarkably like the old hag from Snow White, something certainly not a coincidence!
Narissa as hag compared to Snow White's hag